Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The 6 Best Tips for Cyber Monday Savings!

Want to make the most out of Cyber Monday and win as a consumer? Do
these six things:

1) Plan Ahead for $300+ in Credit Card Savings
The banks are much more competitive with credit card signup bonuses now
than they have been in the past few years. How does that relate to
shopping? Well, since you can get cash for signing up and spending on a
new credit card – such as $100 back on $300 in spending, $200 back on
$500 or $500 back on $5,000 – you can use these offers on top of all
other coupons and discounts. It's another entire layer of savings. One
example: this Citi ThankYou Premier bonus can net you $300 but here are
five more.

2) Free Shipping is the rule.
If you're paying for shipping on Cyber Monday, you're doing something
wrong. Most stores either have free shipping, have it after a coupon
code, or you can find the same item at a store that does.

3) Shop at Online-Only Stores; Save up to 10% in Sales Tax
Stores like Amazon,,,,, that
do not have physical stores, and thus a physical presence in your state,
likely do not charge sales tax on your purchase, whereas, or would. With sales tax rates at 10% or more in
some areas, this can be big savings off the top!

4) Mobile Is Your Friend, and the Big Trend
Shopping on a mobile device jumped from 14% in 2011 to 30% in 2012. I
predict it will jump to 50% in 2013. Have no fear. We've crammed our
coverage of each day's best deals into the new and improved Brad's Deals
iPhone and iPad app, which is now the #7 free lifestyle app in the
iTunes store as I write this! Download it and you won't miss the best
deals when you're on the go.

5) Your credit card may be a free extended warranty.
I think we all know by now not to buy the store extended warranty. They
are massively overpriced and full or profit for stores. Rather, pay with
a credit card that offers a free extended warranty (most Amex cards do,
as do select cards from Citi, Chase and others). I've personally had a
big, expensive TV stop working altogether after 20 months. The 12-month
factory warranty wouldn't have helped but my American Express extended
that to 24 months. They literally refunded my original purchase price,
which at that point was much more than the current price, so I could go
out and buy a newer, cheaper TV. So take 10 seconds and pick the right
card out of your wallet, especially for big ticket purchases.

6) Don't forget the coupon codes or printable coupons!
Most online stores are doing their largest coupon codes of the holiday
season on Cyber Monday, just make sure you have the best code, as they
may put one in their email, one on their site, one in their app and one
on their Facebook page. There is a page that tracks the top coupons for
each store (for example: Macy's) on Brad's Deals.

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