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Target deals 3/30: Angel Soft, 2 liter sodas, bleach

Target has some decent grocery deals this week on fruit, frozen veggies, Planters peanuts and more. Please share any other deals you find.

The deals from the ad this week are valid 3/30 - 4/5/14. Grocery deals from the ad:

2 liter sodas, select including Pepsi, Coke, Fanta, Mtn. Dew, Canada Dry and more, $1.00

Up & up bleach, 64 oz, $1.00

Angel Soft 36 double roll pack or Quilted Northern 30 pack
Sale: $15
Gift card: $10 Target gift card when you buy 2
Coupons: $1.50/1 Angel Soft printable manufacturer's coupon from coupons (good on 20 roll or larger), .45/1 Angel Soft coupon from 3/23 RP, 15% off Angel Soft Target Cartwheel coupon, $1 Quilted Northern mobile coupon, 15% off Quilted Northern Target Cartwheel coupon, $1.50/1 and .50/1 Quilted Northern printable coupon from coupons (thanks to for the coupon links!)

Additional ways to save at Target: Coupon Codes: You can find printable coupons at when you scroll down to the bottom of the home page and click on Coupons. The store Target coupons can be combined with manufacturer's coupons on the same item.

Cartwheel discounts: There are also coupons available through their Cartwheel program HERE. With the Cartwheel discounts, you can load specific % off savings to your Cartwheel account and then print out a barcode that is scanned at the register at the store or show the barcode on your smartphone through the Cartwheel app (which is what I usually do to save money on ink and paper). These Cartwheel savings can be combined with store and manufacturer's coupons for even greater savings. No more than one manufacturer coupon, one Target coupon and one Cartwheel offer can be combined per item. Each Cartwheel offer may be used for up to a maximum of 4 qualifying items per offer per transaction. Limit of 1 Cartwheel barcode per transaction and 6 Cartwheel barcode transactions per day.

Mobile coupons: Target offers mobile coupons regularly (inlcuding some grocery coupons!). Sign up for them by texting OFFERS to 827438. These coupons can be used with the other discounts. See their website for more information.

Coupon Policy: You can see the full Target coupon policy on their website HERE.

Red Card: If you have the Target Red Card credit card, you get another 5% off.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Famous Smoke Shop Offers New Cigar Promo Codes

<Price Comparep>Easton, PA (PRWEB) March 17, 2014

Famous Smoke Shop is an online distributor of discount premium cigars specializing in offering the web's widest cigar selection, best prices, and expert customer service. The company has just announced its release of new cigar coupons they will offer valid through the end of March. Each coupon is applicable to any order made through or over the phone at 1-800-564-2486

Starting now, Famous Smoke Shop will be extending coupon offers to all of its customers to take advantage of free products and instant cash back off their cigar order through the end of this month. Some of the coupons available are $20 instant cash back on any order over $200 and bonus 6 pack samplers and 5 packs with an order. There are also free 5-packs, bonus boxes of cigars, a free humidor with order, and the list goes on. No matter what a customer wants to order, they are able to use a coupon on it to either save money or get bonus products ranging from Rockey Patel to Romeo y Julieta, ash trays, cigar cutters, and more.

Each order allows customers an opportunity to receive instant cash back or bonus items and every order may be able to include a coupon. This allows customers to customize their orders and get more for the money they spend.

Since the coupons were released, there has been a big splash at Famous Smoke Shop by customers rushing to take advantage of the deals. All of these deals and coupons are available not only on the web but through phone orders as well. People interested in learning more about the Outlet at Famous Smoke Shop can call 1-800-564-2486 or can log on to Customers should be advised that restrictions may apply on particular items.

About Famous Smoke Shop

Famous Smoke Shop is the nation's #1 discount retailer of premium cigars online, offering one of the largest selections of handmade cigars, machine-made cigars, cigar humidors and accessories. Famous offers the web's lowest prices on a wide selection of cigar brands including Acid, Davidoff, Macanudo, Romeo y Julieta, Ashton, Padron, Oliva and Perdomo cigars, and many more. Famous offers their customers the best prices on all premium cigars as well as friendly and knowledgeable customer service.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Grimm Review: "Once We Were Gods"

<Super Saleimg src="">

Mummified gods that were also wesen? Our seventh grade Egypt unit did not cover this at all.

Professor Vera Gates started out having the best day ever on last night's Grimm, "Once We Were Gods." At her archaeology institution a hidden room is uncovered, and it's filled with an archaeologist's dream-boxes and ancient relics from Cairo. There's even a 3,000 year-old mummy tomb, but nobody can know how much trouble it will invite.

Nick, Hank, Monroe and Rosalee continue to discuss options for Wu, who remains institutionalized. Monroe says exactly what I want to hear-that the Aswangs are a special kind of monster, and that of all the wesen Wu could have faced for the first time, the Aswang was basically the worst. He doesn't say it, but he implies that anyone who had nightmares after seeing those things-even if they only saw them on television and not in real life-is completely justified in that fear. Good to know.

Two thieves known for stealing from and vandalizing museum exhibits (especially those with tombs) go to the university and appear to have plans to rob the mummy grave, but get sidetracked by security guards. One of them woges into an Anubis (a dog-like wesen) but the other gets shot and killed by a guard. The Anubis wesen shoots another security guard before running off.

We've seen some pretty horrifying monsters on this show, and the Anubis is not so bad. It's like the writers know we're in recovery after the Aswangs and they're easing us back into the Grimm world. ('Preciate that, guys.)

Unfortunately, we weren't completely finished with the Aswang. In the institution, Wu must attempt to explain himself-and what he saw-to a therapist. It's pretty awkward. He's also heavily medicated, and when Hank and Nick come to visit he doesn't even remember when they were last there. During their visit, they're called to the crime scene and the tag left by the tomb-a graffiti mark reading "We protect the dead," tells them that this is more complicated than your run-of-the-mill museum robbery. Oh, and the deformed mummy face (clearly the face of a wesen) also provides some clues.

The storyline with Adalind's baby continues to get interesting. A couple of episodes ago, an ultrasound technician had told her that she heard two heartbeats but there was only one baby. And in this episode her bodyguard is sure he sees one baby outside of their cabin, while the other (the "real" baby?) is with Adalind. Here we go!

Rosalee and Monroe school Hank and Nick on the time when they were gods-wesen in ancient Egypt were often worshipped, and the mummy Anubis is a sacred artifact. Even they are offended at the idea of putting it on display in the museum. In the trailer, Nick and Hank find old film of an Anubis being tortured, and more research shows that the Egyptian Pharaohs wanted to be buried with Anubis to get access to some of their god-like qualities. For this, many Anubis were sought out and people were tortured in hopes of discovering more Anubis wesen. So we understand why they're peeved at the idea of being poked and prodded and displayed as mummies.

And just as Rosalee and Monroe are thinking of reporting this news to the council, the council shows up. Alexander arrives and requests an audience with the Grimm. We think he's come to wag a finger at Nick, but he says he wants to help Nick stop the Anubis who has broken council law by killing the security guard. The weird thing is that they want Nick to kill him, something Nick obviously didn't plan to do. It becomes fairly obvious that Alexander is hiding something.

And poor Professor Gates! Nick and Hank try to gently explain (without explaining the most important, wesen-related stuff) that she should probably consider moving the sarcophagus. But of course she's way too fascinated with her discovery (you know how these academics are) and says that she won't be intimidated out of her research. Sure enough, the Anubis shows up at her house and forces her to give him access to the mummy. In a rage-and just before he woges-he explains that her "discovery" is a sacrilege. "Once We Were Gods" offers an interesting critique on anthropology and the idea of cultural property. The Anubis-like other wesen we've met-is not just the bad guy, even though Nick attempts to put a stop to his methods. He's trying to protect his ancestors and their legacy, and there's a part of Nick that respects this. So he makes the arrest, and the Anubis lives. Meanwhile the mummy Anubis ends up in the back of Alexander's car, as we learn the true meaning of his vis it. Nick convinces him to let them give the mummy a proper burial. They burn it in a solemn service that actually was sort of touching.

At the end of the episode, Adalind and her bodyguard take the little swaddled, enchanted baby and high-tail it out of their cabin, just barely missing the Royals.

Wu is released from the hospital following a seriously helpful chat with Juliet. Even though he says he's cured, and doesn't believe that what he saw was real, we kind of feel like this storyline isn't over.

Favorite Quote of the Episode: "Welcome to club meds." (Wu)

Shannon M. Houston is a New York-based freelance writer, regular contributor to Paste, and occasional contributor to the human race via little squishy babies. You can follow her on Twitter.

Tablet deals: $60 for a 9" Android tablet, save $114 on Kindle Fire HD

Tablets are a hot product right now, as traditional personal computer sales slow. has a new roundup of tablet deals below.

By Marcy Bonebright, Guest blogger / March 14, 2014

Once you get a tablet, you'll wonder how ever you lived without one. It's like a smartphone, but no one ever interrupts you by calling! If you're looking for a first tablet (or trying to replace an old one), you'll definitely want to check out our roundup of the week's Deal News tablet deals. Score a 9" Android tablet for just $60, save $114 on a refurbished Kindle Fire HD, or get an i Pad Air for at $45 off.

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Archos Arnova 90 G3 4GB 9" Android Tablet
Store: Adorama
Price: $59.99 via coupon code "59ARCHOSG3" with free shipping
Lowest By: $16

Is It Worth It?: If you're looking for good-sized, entry-level Android tablet, you can't do better than the Archos Arnova 90 G3 right now. This Editors' Choice tablet drops to just $60 after coupon code "59ARCHOSG3"; we rarely see 9" tablets fall this low! While noting that this budget tablet has no access to the Google Play store, PC Advisor thought the microSD slot added some media appeal: "Plugging in a flash drive, we were able to watch movies with no trouble at all. This is a welcome addition if you don't want to fill up the tiny 4GB internal storage with large video files."

This 17-oz. tablet features a 9" 800x480 capacitive touchscreen LCD, an ARM Cortex A9 1GHz processor, 4GB of built-in memory, 802.11n wireless, a front-facing camera, and Android 4.1 OS (Jelly Bean).

Pioneer R1 8GB 7" Android Tablet
Store: Walmart
Price: $69.99 with free shipping
Lowest By: $30

Is It Worth It?: Craving a smaller tablet with more built-in storage and access to Google Play? For just $10 more than the tablet above, you can grab the Pioneer R1. A $30 savings at $70, this budget-friendly Android comes in four fun colors.

Features include a 1.5GHz dual-core processor, a 7" 1024x600 touchscreen LCD, 8GB of internal memory, a webcam, a microSD card slot, 802.11n wireless, and Android 4.2 OS (Jelly Bean).

Refurbished Kindle Fire HD 32GB 8.9" WiFi Tablet
Store: Woot
Price: $179.99 with $5 s&h
Lowest By: $114
Expires: March 17

Is It Worth It?: If you're an Amazon Prime member who's looking to make the most of his soon-to-be pricier membership, then you need a Kindle Fire. This refurbished Kindle Fire HD from Woot is still one of the best 9" tablet deals around at $180. That's an Editors' Choice-worthy $114 below the price of a new one! Unique to the Kindle Fire experience are features like Whispersync, X-Ray for books and movies, and FreeTime for kids, as well as Prime-only things like Prime Instant Video and the Kindle Lending Library.

The Kindle Fire HD also sports a 1.5GHz dual-core processor, an 8.9" 1920x1200 (1080p) IPS LCD, 32GB of internal storage, a front-facing camera, 802.11a/n wireless, Bluetooth, and Fire OS 3.0 (Mojito). A 1-year Amazon warranty applies.

Lenovo Yoga 10 32GB 10.1" Android Tablet
Store: Lenovo
Price: $319 via coupon code "USPYT819313" with free shipping
Lowest By: $80
Expires: March 31

Is It Worth It?: Longevity is king with the Yoga 10, a big tablet with a comparatively impressive battery life - it can purportedly go as long as 18 hours before needing a recharge. Plus, CNET says it's " remarkably comfortable to hold," though the reviewer was less than impressed with the lower-resolution screen. Use coupon code "USPYT819313" to drop the Yoga 10 to $319, an all-time price low for this 32GB model.

The Yoga 10 features an integrated kickstand, an MTK MT8125 1.2GHz quad-core processor, a 10.1" 1280x800 IPS LCD, 1GB of RAM, 32GB of flash storage, 802.11n wireless, Bluetooth 4.0, a 5MP rear camera, a 1.6MP front camera, a microSD card slot, a 3-cell battery, and Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean).

Is It Worth It?: If the tablets above aren't quite cutting-edge enough for you, then step up to the iPad Air. Weighing in at just one pound and measuring only 0.29" thin, Apple's current-gen iPad is considered by many to be the best tablet on the market right now. Calling the iPad Air's hardware "close to perfect," The Verge's reviewer said "the iPad Air represents a nearly ideal manifestation of what a large tablet can and should be." Right now you can score this tablet for just $450, a price low by $45.

The iPad Air boasts a 9.7" 2048x1536 Retina display, an Apple A7 64-bit processor, an M7 motion coprocessor, a FaceTime HD front camera, dual microphones, a 5-megapixel iSight rear camera, 802.11a/n wireless with MIMO, Bluetooth, and iOS 7.

Best Buy's also got you covered if you're looking for a previous-gen iPad: the merhcant's knocked up to $80 off a selection of iPad models. While we saw savings of up to $105 on a larger selection of iPads last week, you'll still find significant savings in this sale. Plus, each model ships for free.

Marcy Bonebright is a features writer for, where this article first appeared.

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TODAY'S DEALS: Greystone Grabs N.C. Apartment Asset

<Discountp>Cary, N.C.-Real estate investment and development firm Greystone has picked up a 360-unit apartment community in Cary, N.C., for $24.3 million. The property, Cary Brook Apartments, fits in with the company's strategy of buying 1980s or newer vintage assets with a light value add component.

Built in 1984, Cary Brook features 23 garden-style buildings with an accompanying clubhouse and leasing center. The property was sold by RFI Cary Brook LLC. Greystone Property Management will run daily operations.

"The Cary Brook multifamily property represents the ideal target for our owner/operator strategy, where we can add immediate value to an asset and leverage the upside of growing markets," says Bill Guessford, managing director of Greystone acquisitions, and vice president of Greystone Property Management. "After analyzing the property's offerings and the solid market drivers for the greater Raleigh area, we feel confident that this acquisition will serve as a strong performer in our growing portfolio."

Transwestern sells 1,652 units in Washington, D.C.

Washington, D.C.-Transwestern's Bethesda office has recently arranged the sale of seven multifamily properties valued at more than $128 million. All transactions closed in the month of February.

The deals involved three sales for three sellers with a total of 1,652 units in Washington, D.C., and the city's Maryland suburbs. The transactions consisted of five assets in the DC/MD Beltway Portfolio, the Legation House and one off-market property, each offering value-add and positioning potential. Transwestern's Mid-Atlantic Multifamily Group, led by co-directors Dean Sigmon and Robin Williams, exclusively represented the sellers of all seven assets.

"The Washington, D.C., multifamily marketplace continues to see significant and growing investor interest in value-add investment opportunities in both single assets and portfolios," Sigmon says.

Largo sets $7.7M, 12-month interest-only loan

Buffalo, N.Y.-Perry Miceli, principal for the Largo Group of Cos., arranged $7.7 million in financing for the acquisition of a 160-unit apartment complex located in Deland, Fla.

Developed in 1991, Country Club Park Apartments features a clubhouse with a pool and sundeck, 24-hour fitness center, private entries and ample parking. The complex is situated within 10 minutes of the area's three primary demand generators, Stetson University, Florida Hospital DeLand, and Florida Hospital Fish Memorial. It is in close proximity to I-4 providing quick access to Orlando and Daytona Beach. Perry arranged a 10 year fixed rate term with a 12-month interest-only period; the loan is structured with a 30 year amortization schedule.

Largo has relationships with 17 correspondent lenders and offers additional lending sources to the marketplace, which will benefit owners and developers of commercial properties providing alternative finance options. Largo offers long-term, non-recourse financing at a competitive fixed rate for its borrowers through its strong network of correspondent lenders.


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Stacking Coupons with the Crazy Coupon Chick

Stacking Coupons with the Crazy Promo Codes Chick

Posted: Friday, February 28, 2014 10:25 AM ESTUpdated: Friday, February 28, 2014 4:00 PM EST

Coupon inserts: 3 inserts this weekend! 1 SmartSource, 1 RedPlum and 1 P&G!

HOT Target deal! starting Sunday, text the word STOCKUP1 to 827438 and get a mobile coupon for $20 off a $50 household purchase at Target!

HOT deal on gas at Stop & Shop! If you buy 6 participating items, you can earn 40 cents off per gallon of gas! This week, Stop & Shop canned tomatoes are 5/$3 so buy 6 of them which will cost you only $3.60 and save 40¢ off per gallon of gas up to 35 gallons!!!

-Friday Feb 28 th at KidsPlay Museum in Torrington at 6 pm!

-And, another class this Saturday March 1st at Savers in Newington at 4:30pm!

Make sure to head to for all of this week's best deals as well as a list of my upcoming classes!